EDS Test Procedure



The EDS test is basically a physical from a Chinese Medicine point of view. It involves using accupuncture or accupressure points found on Chinese and/or Voll meridians that are found throughout the body. These meridians are energy channels that flow from one point to another in the body.

The EDS test involves using a unit manufactured by Health Demensions International called a Star Tech Orion. This unit consists of a digital conductance meter with two probes attached. One of these probes is held in the client's hand and the other by the tester. The tester touches various points along energy meridians that populate the body. These points correspond to either accupuncture or accupressure points found along the meridians. The information is then displayed on a computer screen to which the Orion is attached. At no time is the client in danger of receiving too much electrical energy to cause discomfort. The voltage is approximately 3.3 to 5 volts which is about what one would feel if you held 2 or 3 flashlight batteries end to end and touched the opposite ends.

As the test proceeds the readings at each accupuncture point show on the computer screen. These readings are scaled on a range of 0 to 100. Dr Voll established this range of readings when he developed the protocol for EAV or EDS. The screen is divided into three colors, yellow, green and red. Readings in the yellow area coorespond to a degeneration of the organ or system. Readings in the red area shows inflamation of the organ or system. Readings in the green are acceptable. The green area shows readings from 35 to 60. A reading of 50 shows perfect balance. In Chinese medicine a balance in an organ or system is what is desired.

After completing the test, the results are printed out and evaluated by the tester. Using a highliter the low readings are marked with yellow and high readings are marked in red. At this point the tester will begin to use a test kit or different herbal, homeopathic, supplement, or medicinal (provided by the client only) products to evaluate if the body accepts them to bring the body into balance. The Spleen point is used to determine initial balance. The Spleen acts a librarian for the body so this point can be used to gain an initial balance. If the tester suspects a different point needs to be balanced independently he will test a specific organ with the substance.

The balancing procedure can even determine the correct dosage needed to gain balance, including the number of capsules or drops of a liquid herbal or homeopathic.

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