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D&S Health Concepts primarily uses products from Systemic Formulas as supplements to help a client's body regain optimal health. At times other herbals from Standard Process and homeopathic formulas from Desert Biologicals are used. We are also distributors of the Young Living Essential Oils and ProArgi-9.

Systemic Formulas established the "Systemic Formulas Wellness Lifestyle" dedicated, according to CEO Stu Wheelwright, to helping people live healthy, happy, productive lives of joy and purpose. Systemic Formulas has become recognized as being a leader of herbal/nutritional wellness products that are dispensed only through Health Professionals. These world famous formulas have continued to provide the benchmark for effective, natural therapeutics.

Systemic Formulas has products that combine Chinese, African, Tibetan, European, Polynesian, and Native American herbal traditions. These are used to bring the body to a balanced state so that it can heal itself and reach a wellness state of homeostasis.

Young Living Oils is one of the premier essential oil companies. Many of these oils can be used to correct maladies in the body. They also produce oil blends and natural cleaning products for the home.

ProArgi-9 is an l-arginine product produced by the Synergy corporation. It is used primarily to help clear the circulatory system of plaque and cholesterol build-up. Many who have used this product have reduced the build-up of plaque in the blood vessels and have also improved the flexibilty of their blood vessels as shown by the MaxPulse test results.

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